Copyright Permissions

Fair Use

The "fair use" clause of current US copyright law allows you to reproduce short excerpts from copyrighted works (our standard is less than 200 words) with standard footnoting. The "fair use" clause also allows you to make one copy of selected material from a copyrighted work for personal use only (e.g., for your own study or reference). "Fair use" applies to the content of Apex publications and the Apex Publishers websites.

All materials published by Apex Publishers are protected by copyright. Therefore, you will need written permission before you can reproduce Apex materials in any form including, but not limited to the following:

  1. reprinting in a book, magazine or other publication
  2. recording and/or storing in audio, and/or any electronic format
  3. translating

Obtaining Permission to Reproduce Apex Material

Requests for permission to use any of our copyrighted content must be in writing and sent to Apex Publishers.

You may also send a written request to:

Apex Publishers
Rights & Permissions Department
6002 Rockton Court
Centreville, Virginia 20121

Please include the following information in your request:

  1. your name (and organization, if relevant)
  2. address, phone number and/or email address at which we can contact you
  3. title and author of the Apex book (or other product) in which the material you want to use occurs
  4. identification of the specific material you would like to reprint (page numbers, URLs, article/chapter title(s), start or end of paragraph, word count, etc.)
  5. the number of copies you would like to make
  6. how the material will be used (nespaper, magazine, newsletter, book, etc.)
  7. the date by which you need permission

When to Expect a Reply

Please allow us 10-20 working days to act on your request. We receive a number of permission requests, and sometimes we must do research into the copyright status of the work in question--or even contact an author--before we can give you a response.

If your request is especially urgent, please make sure that you include the date by which you need a response. We will do our best to respond by the date you request. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet your deadline.