Desk and Examination Book Policy

Desk Copies

If you have adopted an Apex Publishers book for course use, and your textbook store has ordered at least fifteen copies of the book, you are entitled to one free copy of the book for your course use. Desk copy requests must be on departmental letterhead. Please include the name and enrollment of the relevant course, as well as the name of the bookstore who handles your textbook requirements. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Shipping charges are applicable for addresses outside the United States.

Examination Copies

If you are a teacher, instructor, or professor who is considering using an Apex Publishers book for your course, you may request an examination copy. Examination copy requests must be on departmental letterhead specifying the following information:

Instructors name
Instructor's email address
Course title
Start date and frequency of course
Expected enrollment
Textbooks currently being used

Examination copies are licensed and may not be sold or transferred to a third party. Please note that these policies apply to U.S. institutions only.

Once you have submitted a valid exam copy request, we will send you a 60 day examination copy for review. Should you adopt the book and place an order for fifteen or more copies, no payment will be due. If you do not adopt the book, an invoice will be generated at 30% off listed retail price or you may return the book and have the invoice canceled. Books must be returned in saleable condition with original invoice information.

Where to Send Your Request

Send examination copy and desk copy requests to:

Apex Publishers
Desk/Exam Copy Requests
6002 Rockton Court
Centreville, Virginia 20121
[No e-mail requests, please]